Friday, May 21, 2010

Iiiiit's mmeeeeee! Mrs. Martin! :) Anywhoser, seeing as how this entire blog was about plain ol' single Amy I've decided to go ahead and start a brand spankin' new blog for new married Amy (and Zac. but I doubt he cares much.) So I can now be found at YAY!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

have ya heard? ;)

yes, i know... i am a complete and total slacker. i apologize and hope that this post will help catch you all up to date! :)

so here's the BIG story of how we met: sometime last year i got a random friend request on facebook. i don't normally accept people i don't know but 1. this boy was cuuuute and 2. it said he lived in provo and i just assumed that i had met him in a class or something. so i approved his request and checked out his profile to see if i recognized him... i didn't. however, i was apparently too lazy to take him back off my friends so there he stayed. around december we started "facebook associating" with each other, just dumb stuff like commenting on statuses and such. eventually he invited me and my roommates over to his apartment to watch the office (this was a fantastic sign, anyone that likes the office is awesome!) so i ran a couple tests to make sure this guy was legit and when it all worked out i went over (alllll the way across the street... weird, we were neighbors) and did NOT watch the office. i talked to the cutest boy i had EVER seen, Zachary. :) since that night we have only been apart for 4 days total (well, except now. i'll explain later.) and i have loved every single minute.

Now, the other BIG story: I brought Zac home over super bowl weekend to meet my family. We had already gotten pretty serious and we both knew right where this was heading but i assumed this was just going to be a fairly normal weekend. we had a ton of fun, we hung out with the fam and watched the game at uncle randy and mom's houses so that i could introduce Zac to everrrryone. he was great with it too. he's such a people person, i love how he can fit into any situation! anyways, so we stayed until monday so we could have lunch with my mom and blaine. after lunch he asked me if we could go see the temple since that's where we had already talked about getting married. i happily obliged and drove him over there. we hung out in the visitors' center for a while, sitting in front of the Christus statue. while we were sitting there though ALL of the cute little couple missionaries felt the need to encircle us and give us all sorts of marriage advice, and tell us the stories of their grandkids on missions/getting married AND the background on each of their marriages. i didn't mind one bit, i love talking to people but Zac seemed a little bit irritated and i couldn't figure out why! so he asked me to go walk with him outside. we walked all the way around the temple and ended up sitting on a bench right in front. after saying all the cute things that are naturally said during a proposal he asked me if i would marry him and i said YES!!! :)

the BIG details: our wedding date is set for May 1 in the Idaho Falls temple. there will be a reception that night in firth and we will also be having an open house in windsor colorado. after the wedding zac and i will be moving down to huntington beach, ca for the summer because he does summer security sales (that's where he is now, and that's why we have now been apart more than 4 days... sad) after which we'll be going back to school in provo! needless to say, i'm beyond excited/happy/anxious/ecstatic!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

oh yeah. the announcement.

so this morning i did my normal blog-check thing where i just look around to see what everyone is up to and i realized it's cori's birthday. so i texted her. duh. but after the general "happy birthday!" "thanks!" thing she asked me about what my big news is. oh yeah. shoot. i had completely forgotten that people actually read this and are probably wondering about that last post. so here it is.

deeeep breath.

i'm done with byu.

for now at least.

i've been in the constant state of panic lately with trying to figure out what i'm doing with my life and it finally came down to my dad saying (in all of his wisdom and understanding) "well then sis, why don't you just come home?" and i am going to do just that. i have applied to EITC for the dental assisting program and have also deferred my place here at the Y just in case. i may sound like a confused little girl but guess what? i am. i will be heading home as soon as i get this rotten housing contract figured out and i will stay there at least through the summer. sounds random? oh, it is. sounds crazy? yeah, most definitely. but i think its just what i need. time to get my head screwed on right. so there it is, my big announcement. i'm dropping out of byu. for now.

p.s. the wallet was indeed stolen. i wish i could just kick the person that took it. really really hard. it is such a PAIN getting everything figured out with the bank and the police station and all the payments i have due... ugh. and the kicker? they spent $81 before i stopped my card... $20 of that was spent at KFC. fatties.

Friday, January 1, 2010


this week has been an emotionally and physically exhausting one. i'm beat. and to top it off, my wallet is lost, misplaced, or stolen. fantastic. however, i hope everyone else is having a better start to their 2010. i'll have some pretty gigantic news to share soon, but you'll all just have to wait until its set in stone. i don't like counting my chickens before they hatch... or something like that.

Friday, December 11, 2009

reverting back...

Hi my name is Amy and I have a problem...

I'm turning back into a photoshop junkie.

In high school I had to use photoshop for 4 years for yearbook so I became fairly proficient but the 2 years between then and now has caused me to become a tad bit rusty. Well, a lady that I did some photos for requested that I make her some Christmas cards and I agreed so I went to and got the free 30 day trial of photoshop. I'm hooked again. I've been playing around on it ALL NIGHT. I made my new backgrounds for both this blog and my photography blog (check it out here) and a Christmas card for my roommates and me with the hankerin' to do even MORE.

I think I need help.

Happy Holidays! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

yesh, i'm a 12 year old girl.

You wanna know where I was at 3:15 am on November 20? Well duh, watching NEW MOON! We did it as kind of a birthday celebration for Heather and Nancy (their birthday is really on Sunday) and it was a hoot. I learned a couple things though, like that I am not in any way a pleasant person at 3 in the morning or that even the "older crowd" that went to the later showing feels the need to squeal everytime Taylor Lautner's abs filled the screen. It was a good time ;)

Amanda, Nancy, Me, Brittnee

Team Emmett alllll the way! (I like 'em tough and sparkly!)

Brittnee's masterpiece, she copied the flower from the New Moon cover

The supid Cinemark people made us wait outside even though there was NOBODY in the lobby. I was so stinkin' cold!

Heather, Brailee, and Brittnee in the lobby (FINALLY) waiting for them to let us in our theater! So much excitement!

The whole 3 am thing just isn't for us. As Amanda says, "We look like DEATH"

Overall New Moon was a pretty good movie... there are a couple cheesy parts but that's just a given, it was WAY better than Twilight though!

Monday, November 16, 2009

breaking the sterotype.

I really don't know if there is a legitimate reason for me to be writing this particular post, maybe I'm just fed up with a couple things... I feel the need to break up one of these silly stereotypes that goes along with being a single 19 year old girl at BYU.

Guess what?

The boys around this place?

They really don't date.

They're in fact, really stupid when it comes to this particular matter.

I have been here now for three semesters and when I go home and that inevitable "Hey are you engaged yet?" question pops out of someone's mouth I just want to laugh. No, no I am not. By no means am I the girl that is hunting for her eternal companion, I am, however, the girl that gets sick of sitting around and waiting for that magical day when all the BYU boys will live up to all the hype and just starting asking girls on dates. I don't know what it is but it seems like boys assume that if they ask a girl on just one date then it means commitment, or even worse, a clingy whiney girl that they'll have to deal with. So untrue. A date is just supposed to be a fun way to get to know new people; it doesn't need to be pricey, elaborate, or last for hours. I guess this is just something that's been bugging me... I mean, I even caved and did the asking last weekend. Is it too much for a girl to want to be taken out every once in a while? Really?